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Web3 on Hepton

Hepton is a Layer-3 infrastructure protocol that aims to increase Ethereum interoperability and focused on Web3 application efficiency.

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Hepton Features

Sidechain with EVM compatibility

To onboard multiple Web3 ecosystems as Ethereum, Hepton PoS brings the same compatibility as Ethereum.

More Scalable (EIP1559)

EIP-1559 implemented on Hepton PoS will overhaul the existing transaction fee system on Ethereum. Proposed by Vitalik Butterin and used by its sovereignty.

Scaling Solution

Hepton provides the solution to scale Ethereum through the infrastructure of Sidechain and ZK-Rollup.

Low latency & Instant finality

To ensure minimal latency, all transactions are promised to be executed quickly. They are also promised to be irreversible after processing, resulting in immediate finality.

Sturdy Security

Secure by a pool of professional validators and the Ethereum itself.

Green Technology

Hepton is an eco-friendly and sustainable Proof-Of-Stake network.

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The mechanism through which the user can transfer funds from one address to another address without the need for a central intermediary. Both Hepton PoS and Hepton STANDRA are fully decentralized and high security for cross border transactions.

Build on Hepton

Hepton provides a sidechain that is as capable as Ethereum but more scalable and suits the need of the DeFi infrastructure.


A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a system developed to distribute decision-making, management, and entity ownership. Hepton provides the HTE as the DAO governance token for these 3 things.


NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are blockchain-based tokens that individually represent a special asset like a work of art, a piece of digital material, or other media. A digital or physical asset, whether it be digital or tangible, can be considered as having an NFT as an irrevocable certificate of ownership and authenticity. The minting fee for NFT on Hepton PoS will be as low as almost zero.

Smart Contract

As the sidechain to Ethereum, Hepton PoS is also a smart contract platform but can be concluded as a paradise for contract writers/developers due to the fee is really low no matter how the contract is.

Develop by Heplabs


Heplabs is a Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DA) proposed by the founding members of Hepton.

Our vision is to create a decentralized future for web and applications.

The future is Web3

Hepton PoS is a sidechain of Ethereum through Root Mapping Verifier (RMP) and intergrated with EIP-1559 for network efficiency. Hepton STANDRA is a Layer3 network based on ZK-Rollup technology for data-proofs.

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Hepton POS is a next-gen Ethereum-L2 to increase eth-mainnet capacity with fast and energy-efficient.

Copyright © Hepton 2023


Copyright © Hepton 2023